El Criollo

A story of quality running down the generations
El Criollo

We are the fourth generation of Cafés El Criollo, a family-run business dating back over 100 years. Over this time we have uncovered the secrets of coffee and passed them on down the generations.

What started as a knickknack shop (selling all kinds of things including non-roasted green coffee) in the 19th century in the Spanish city of Zaragoza, through the decision to register our brand in 1910 as a result of the the success of our first roasted coffees has led to the coffee-roasting company we are today, offering a top quality coffee for the hostelry sector and specialist foods.

Our specialities are the range of coffees from the finest plantations around the world which are naturally roasted in the traditional style - the best way to retain all the aromas and flavours of each of the plantations with which we work. Our extensive knowledge of coffee has enabled us to develop our own blends, the perfect combinations through which we can guarantee a great result so you can enjoy a great cup of coffee.

The values which define us are our transparent, efficient, responsible management, which is also now accredited from a business, social and environmental perspective.

By means of various initiatives, we at Cafés El Criollo pass on our experience and knowledge of coffee, training hostelry sector workers and those who are interested in learning more and mastering the creation of a great cup of coffee.