Black Label

Type of coffee

100% Arabica

Type of roasting

100% Natural

This blend comes from plantations cultivated at over 1500 metres above sea level, harvested by 'picking' (beans picked individually) During the delicate processing, the coffee beans benefit from the damp or 'rinsing' system. This system rapidly removes the skin and part of the pulp of the recently gathered fruit, which prevents any kind of fermentation which might affect the flavour of the coffee.
'Black Label' is a top quality coffee, roasted in the traditional Cafés El Criollo style, and meeting the expectations of people who love mild coffee. This blend features balanced and unmistakeable overtones of chocolate and red fruits.

A delicate selection of three top Arabica coffees.

Beans packed in a 1 Kilo bag, with a one-way valve to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the coffee

Tasting sheet: 

A full-bodied coffee with mild acidity and intense notes of chocolate and red fruits