Type of coffee

100% Arabica

Type of roasting

100% Natural

Our special blend of naturally roasted Arabica coffees decaffeinated using a water process, the perfect decaffeination method, which preserves all the qualities of the coffee without using any chemical additives.
The Cafés El Criollo 'Water-decaffeinated' has the very best qualities of a low-in-acid coffee (medium body and highly aromatic) with a minimal caffeine content (0.1%). Its quality is entirely deserving of packaging decorated by the Aragonese artist Pepe Cerdá to give it visibility and make it stand out at the POS.

All the very best of a coffee with the very least caffeine.

Sealed recyclable steel tin; capacity: 2 kilos decaffeinated coffee beans; decorated with illustrations by Pepe Cerdá (pepecerda.com)

Tasting sheet: 

Full-bodied with the necessary acidity. Fragrantly aromatic, typical of quality Arabica coffees