Who we are


We choose the very best beans on site

The most prestigious coffee plantations around the world send us samples of their latest harvests. The coffee arrives as green beans and we roast these to assess their quality via Brazilian tasting methods, among others. After assessing their qualities, we choose the ones we consider best for our clients, those we feel are most appropriate to their taste or which will make for an interesting cup of coffee.

The ideal roast and the best 'blends'

We have devoted our lives to coffee, which is why we take into account the organoleptic qualities of each source so as to retain and enhance their attributes, while roasting the beans slowly in the traditional way - one of our hallmarks. This is a key stage in defining the quality of our coffees.

The success of our 'blends' also lies in our knowledge of the characteristics which define each source and in knowing how to mix just the right amount of each in order to produce a coffee that is rich in aroma and on the palate.

Transparency and professionalism

Exemplary transparent professional production and administrative management lies behind every kilo of coffee produced. Our team is the value which best defines who we are.

For example, one of our employees is Roberto Chueca from the very first graduating class of coffee-industry based Spanish workers to obtain the Q Arabica Grader certificate. This professional award is bestowed by The Coffee Quality Institute and The Specialty Coffee Association of America. It is recognised by all producers and demonstrates that the graduate has a great awareness of coffee at an international level.

Over 100 years experience

Our coffee business has evolved across three centuries: from the end of the 19th, through consolidation and recognition in the 20th on to the present, the 21st, as we continue on our path with its highly promising future.

Over all these years, our desire to know about everything related to the world of coffee has led to us keeping and acquiring objects, machines and books which comprise a collection which is now exhibited in our museum.